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About the Book

A major investor is on line one, CNN is on line two, and social media is exploding in anger. When you’re a ‘Leader Under Fire,’ the next few moments can be an incredible opportunity… or they can destroy your career.

In the past, companies prepared for crisis with expensive, static crisis communications plans. The pace was slower. You had time to process and plan a response with your senior team and lawyers. But those old-school plans don’t work anymore.

Today, managing a PR crisis is ALL about speed. With 24-hour news cycles and social media mobs, if you’re not controlling your message by lunchtime, you could be convicted in the court of public opinion before dinner. Speed kills careers.

Leaders Under Fire is for anyone who values their reputation and understands how fragile it is today. Leaders who have spent decades building reputations have seen them destroyed in minutes. We’ll help you avoid those traps.

This executive-length book uses real-life examples to illustrate what works – and what doesn’t – in managing a crisis. We’ll also introduce you to two fictional CEOs who handle their crisis in very different ways. You can follow their story throughout the book as they learn some lessons the hard way – so you don’t have to.